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Starting Wednesday, October 18th through Saturday, October 22th the annual CMJ Festival is breaking out new music all over Brooklyn, NY. Up and coming bands from all over the country get the chance to show there stuff and a part of this incredible event. One of my personal favorites, These Animals, will be opening for The Black Shades Saturday at midnight. These Animals have a sound that is both familiar and innovative: underlying beats and bass lines that make you move make way for ethereal guitar tones and catchy lyrics.

And did I mention there is free beer? That’s right. I said: FREE. BEER. So now there’s absolutely NO EXCUSE! Come see the show, come party with a couple of amazing bands that are trying to make it. Show your support and come out to the CMJ 2011 Music Festival!

For the next two weeks I will be traveling with my husband’s band, These Animals, while they are on tour. You can check updates on our adventures here. My next post for local and free arts in the greater New York City area will be on August 16th. See you then!