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I recently stumbled upon a great local gallery in Tarrytown, NY: the Tappan Z Gallery on Main Street. Open for free Wednesday through Sunday from 12pm to 8pm, this gallery has wonderful contemporary artwork and currently on view are photographs by Vincent Serbin, an artist that has been perfecting his photo collages for the past thirty years. What’s really great about this gallery is that it’s open late, giving you plenty of time to come in after your normal business hours and not feel rushed.

If you’re in the Westchester County area, don’t hesitate to visit! There are so many pieces to enjoy at this wonderful gallery and it’s always free!

A new month brings with it a new post about the Color Camera Club of Westchester. Tomorrow, May 2, at 7:30pm there will be a free viewing of the Best of the Best from the Print of the Year Competition. Previous winners include Melissa Spiro, Roberto Reid, Bo Tepper, Nancy Butterfield, Midge Miller, Don Klein, Joan King, Susan Blatt, Jennifer Dooley, Renee Monte, Bob Piro, and Janice Ruotolo. Come for a taste of local art at the Color Camera Club in Valhalla, NY!

It’s always a great treat to be able to support a venue that accommodates local artists, and even more that it’s free and open to the public!

A 60-year-old club that was founded just for the love of photography is definitely one that I can support. The Color Camera Club is hosting an exhibition featuring the photography of Walter Rabetz. Rabetz received his Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1969 and I’m excited to see if any of his pieces from The Connecticut River Bridges series, which include images of all the bridges spanning the Connecticut River from its headwaters in Canada to its end in the Atlantic Ocean, are going to be seen at this event.

On April 4, 2011 from 7:30pm-9:30pm everyone will be able to view the works of Rabetz for absolutely FREE at the American Legion Hall in Valhalla, NY. So tap in to your inner shutterbug and come down to Valhalla, NY!