George Bellows, 'Winter Afternoon', 1909


As a California native, living in Westchester, NY, whenever I come back home, my friends and family want to hear all about New York City. In fact, even folks that are in upstate New York want to talk to me about the Big Apple. There is so much energy and attraction that people are enamored at the thought of visiting and treat those who live in around it like we are exotic. It may be for this very reason that the Katonah Museum currently has on view photos and paintings of the city that Americans hold as their pride and joy. They know that nowhere else on earth is like life in New York City and they are proud of it, even if they have never been there.

In the exhibition New York, New York! The 20th Century, one can gaze on a Childe Hassam beside an Edward Hopper beside a Stuart Davis. For those who are living in and around New York City, when looking at each piece, one can reminisce on one’s own memories even though the work of art is a different moment in time. We can relate to the snowy days in Hassam’s painting or the vibrance of the city in Davis’. For those visiting from elsewhere, one will instantly realize the otherly nature of one of the greatest cities in the world.

The Katonah Museum is free to the public Tuesday through Friday from 10am until noon. Please don’t wait to visit this fabulous exhibit! Enjoy!