I’ve come back from touring with my husband’s band, These Animals, and life is in full swing. I’m especially excited to be painting again (yay!) and you can see updates about that here.

I’ll also be sticking to a very strict posting schedule: to two per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, which should give me a chance to talk about one weekday event and one weekend event.

Today’s post is about Apexart, an amazing gallery in Tribeca on Church Street that will be featuring a free mini-concert series at 3pm on Saturday afternoons in September and October. The next one is this Saturday, September 24th and it features Vadim Neselovskyi, a brilliant and talented pianist and composer. I love that they’re putting these right in the middle of a lazy Saturday. It will allow people the chance to wrap themselves up in a gem of a performance and carry it with them all day long. I think it’ll also give people a chance to do something a little geekier than they are allowed to do on a Saturday night, and not feel like they have to only like it insofar as they’re friends do. My friends would rather go to a hipster bar than watch me while I geek out to an innovative and mind-blowing jazz performance. So I say forget them and let this be a spa day for your lyrical senses. And guess what? It’s free, my friend. So enjoy!